Please join us for a three-day activation project at MayDayRooms, London

(88 Fleet Street, London EC4Y 1DH)

In March we will visit MayDayRooms, a house on Fleet Street founded as safe haven for historical material linked to social movements, experimental culture and the radical expression of marginalised figures and groups. Here we will unwrap three selected archives, including Jo Spence, East London Big Flame, British Poster Film Collective and meet Strike Magazine. We will discuss the relevance of these specific archives for us today and respond to them by developing jointly a set of posters, articulating our current dilemmas, propositions and visions.

We will screen print the posters on site by building our own silkscreens and making paper stencils.

Five students from the Academy of Fine Art in Munich, who participated at the "One Publishes to find Comrades" workshop at Kunstverein Munich last autumn will be joining us. There is a big kitchen, where we can cook meals as well as a set of digital cameras, we can use to record conversations and document activities as they unfold. On Friday afternoon we can jointly edit the recordings into a short film.

Poster Film Collective: Interview download
Temporary Services: Art Work download
Gordon Melissa, Vishmidt Marina: Labour download
Fraser Andrea: There is No Place Like home download
Braidotti, Rosi: Nomadic Subjects download
Freeman, Jo: The Tyranny of Structurelessness download
Sister Corita:

Rachel and Sakina (MRes Exhibition Studies) sent these two great links about Group Material:

Wed 3 March 10.30 – 1pm
Thurs 4 March meet 10.30 – all day
Fri 5 March meet 10.30 – all day

MayDayRooms: 88 Fleet Street, London EC4Y 1DH

If you like to take part (all three days only) please email or list your name here:
Rosalie Schweiker
Karen di Franco
Alex Dipple (I've got to beg for the Friday off) and by the way do you actually mean Wed 4th, Thurs 5th and Friday 6th??
Nicola Lorini

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images taken at MayDayRooms

Here are the very first pictures of the Why Publish activation workshop at MayDay Rooms. What an experience to diy-screenprint on the roof terrace of Mayday Rooms on Fleet Street while looking int Goldman Sachs inverstment bank offices just across the road!